9 technological sectors

A comprehensive cross-sector offer

that is rich in innovations

INDUSTRIE Paris presents a global range of equipment, products, and consumables for the manufacturing of the future. The 60,000 m2 exhibition features 1,000 exhibitors and brands showcasing their tools for development to the visiting professionals.

With 9 technological sectors represented in a single hall, this exhibition adds value to all manufacturing sectors. INDUSTRIE Paris is the largest exhibition in France and ranked in the European TOP 5. Despite the number of its exhibitors, the diversity of its offer, and its visitor attendance, it remains a manageable and friendly event.

NEW Concentrated in one 60,000 m² hall, the exhibition is reinventing it self and offering a unique location without sectorial boundaries and including technological clusters to facilitate visitor orientation:

9 technological sectors

  • Assembly Handling

    Mechanical and adhesive assembly - Industrial fasteners - Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and automatic components and systems

  • Forming, Cutting, sheet metal working

    Presses - Cutting machines - Wire and tube work

  • Industrial Computing

    CAD/CAM, TDM/PLM software - Production tracking - CMMS -

    Rapid prototyping - Quality management - ERP

  • Machine Tools

    Machining - Screw-machining - Rectification - Flow of matter - Sawing machines

  • Measurement - Control - Vision

    Mechanical measurements - Coordinate-measuring machines -

    Contactless measurements - Metrology - Industrial vision

  • Tools

    Cutting tools, tool holders - Carbide inserts - Hand tools -

    Pneumatic or power tools - Lubricants - Storage

  • Robotics

    Industrial robots - Peri-robotics - Integrators

  • Welding

    Equipment, machines - Components and consumables -

    Worker protection - Waste treatment

  • Treatment of Materials

    Cleaning and preparation - Corrosion treatments - Painting -

    Formulators - Prevention and treatment of pollution -

    Climatic ovens and enclosure - Consumables

Discover themed villages
The Village Impression 3D (Additive Manufacturing Village)in Paris for the 1st time,  has found its place in the largest factory in France.

Innovative and indispensable, additive manufacturing is naturally integrated in this major event. This process of making parts by successive accumulation of layers of materials will be presented through the following technologies: 3D Design, Software, Process, Media, Printers, Materials, Additive manufacturing services, Rapid prototyping, Fab labs ...

THE GOAL? To explore the remarkable potential of additive manufacturing!

The Village Impression 3D will showcase multiple applications that are relevant for all sectors :

Customization : Customized manufacturing, customization or restoration of parts

The creation of complex parts : in the medical field (implants through the scanner of a patient, prostheses), aerospace (aircraft drones and flight parts) ...

The range of materials used : Glass, plastics, metals, or ceramics

Productivity gains: obtained through a shortened process

Village Stratégie et développement des entreprises (Strategy and Business Development Village):

This section offers tips on various themes:
manufacturing organization, marketing strategy, standardization, human resources, industrial design, commercial activity...

Village Start Up (Start-Up Village):

This is a cluster of several young companies chosen for their high potential and innovative project.

The Factory of the Future is already at work at INDUSTRIE Paris !