Communication plan


to promote the event

INDUSTRIE, the largest general exhibition in France, attracts over 25,000 professionals each year: decision-makers, purchasers, and users from all sectors. The quality of the visitor base at the exhibition is the result of precise targeting, phoning, and daily monitoring and enrichment of the database.

INDUSTRIE develops an unparalleled communication plan for professionals :



Targeted advertising



The global range present at the exhibition mobilizes a large percentage of opinion leaders from nearly 50 target sectors. The visitor profile and the most-represented services are a guarantee of useful and profitable contacts.

INDUSTRIE is working toward expanding and verifying its contact list both in France and abroad :

  • qualified database, updated throughout the year, with more than 270,000 contacts,
  • All manufacturing sectors are represented at the exhibition,
  • Contacts are targeted according to their involvement in the production line: Buyers, Opinion leaders, Users, Technicians...
  • Phoning throughout 19 French departments,
  • Setting up campaigns in targeted countries,
  • Inviting European delegations...

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A connected event


INDUSTRIE uses a wide range of tools and media to maintain its advertising database :

  • Personalized paper copies of INDUSTRIE Infos are sent free-of-charge to 35,000 contacts at the heart of factories, and thedigital version is sent to all. The magazine provides previews of all the exhibition news: interviews, factory visits, fact sheets on bold issues.
  • Over 600,000 personalized or general paper invitations to promote the event and invite purchasers and users from all manufacturing sectors.
  • Monthly newsletters provide exhibition and market news to all of our contacts: over a hundred personalized, targeted, and segmented news updates are sent.
  • With over 205,000 visits per year, our website showcases exhibitors and provides information to visitors. It is accessible to everyone at any time.
  • Social Networks: Present on Facebook, Twitter, Viadéo, and LinkedIn, INDUSTRIE relays updates from the exhibition, the exhibitors, the market...
  • The Jobs section links companies and job seekers, with over 400 CV and job offers.



A widely covered exhibition


With over 50 professional online and paper partners, the press releases, editorials, inserts ... are constant reminders of the event.

The press conference gathers the main publications, unions, and industry representatives to share information on the sector, the exhibition, and the events. It provides high-quality media visibility for exhibitors.

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