Manufacturing is evolving, and so is its leading exhibition !

These days, investments encompass a number of technologies, and these increasingly complex solutions require a global overview of the entire manufacturing process.

To support this development, INDUSTRIE Paris 2016 will no longer separate exhibitors by sector, favoring instead a larger mix of equipment types that will enable visitors to simultaneously find a machine or component and the consumables needed to use it.

At this larger but better optimized exhibition, each visitor will be able to quickly and easily discover a global range of equipment and services for all factories.

Electronic information is not sufficient to assess the technical characteristics of a machine or a robot. So there will be numerous technical demonstrations at INDUSTRIE to enliven the exhibition with hundreds of machines and equipment in operation.


« Quality, user-friendliness, and business » represent the DNA of the show.  « Wide range of products and visitors », his force.

The factory of the future, which is already rolling out, is a major theme of the exhibition. It calls on several transitions: energy, digital, environmental, organizational, and societal.

It impacts all plant operations, from organization to production, by integrating product design. INDUSTRIE has built an outstanding set of events and conferences around these major manufacturing developments. INDUSTRIE Paris 2016 will provide everyone with a demonstration platform and a forum for news and technology watch. With new villages on relevant themes, the exhibition will provide visitors with what they need ... to create their factory of the future.

Painstaking work is involved in promoting the exhibition, enriching our databases, and identifying our target visitors. We want to establish a permanent link with them throughout the year.  INDUSTRIE relies on a large number of contacts from the production, purchasing, research and methods, and managing departments of SMEs.

Building on its motto: “quality, user-friendliness, and business,” its “wide range of products and visitors,” and its new momentum, INDUSTRIE Paris 2016 will strengthen its unique status as the largest manufacturing exhibition in France and bring together in one event all national stakeholders of manufacturing design and production.

Sébastien GILLET, Event director at INDUSTRIE
Julie VOYER, Executive director at INDUSTRIE