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  • The right light since 1985.

    C.C.E.A. was founded in 1985 with the goal of providing proper lighting for the workplace. In fact, C.C.E.A. was the brainchild of its founder, Bruno Celsan. In the early 1980s, he saw that workplace lighting was just limited to general lighting and felt that it was not suitable to provide efficient working conditions. Indeed, operators’ eyes would be subject to prolonged stress throughout the day, causing burning sensations, watering or headaches and would consequently impair their ability to perform their jobs. This brainwave led him to design the first lamp which illuminates the exact spot where the work is being performed. This revolutionary idea became our guiding star, our benchmark for creating effective lighting for every piece of machinery and workplace, in order to optimise the work process and protect personal health, while continuously operating with respect for the environment and using the highest quality materials.

    With 3000 m2 of laboratory and production facilities, C.C.E.A. boasts a wide selection of excellent quality items thanks to our highly qualified team in the field of lighting. All our products undergo green light quality control to check their degree of protection and resistance to agents specifically for that product’s application. Our quality standards also come from the raw materials that are checked as they enter the warehouse, where they are tested and verified to ensure perfect conformity and functionality. Our range of products does not only cover lamps, but also services such as lighting consultancy, customised design and training.

    We see the possibility in light of optimising every professional situation, from major industrial factories to machinery for the smallest production.

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  • Industrial vision >> Vision, materials, software and systems >> Lighting solutions

    The TRACK series is renewed in design and performance. We designed the lamp TRACK ALPHA series, a LED lighting system for CNC and EDM machines that provides protection against many oils and coolants, as well as against dust and chips. Equipped with  I.D.S. system (Integrated System Driver), it can be connected to 230V without additional components. Fastenings are available both for rear and side fastening, adjustable up to 100°.

    • Total protection against chips and many lubrificants and coolants
    • Direct connection to 230V and 24Vdc without additional components
    • 3 fastenings available
    • 3 lamp lengths 
    • M12 connector for a secure and fast connection


    In collaboration with important food machines producer, we designed the Tabit series IP69K. This lighting system is the perfect solution for the use with liquids in pressurized enclosures up to 100 bar. High performance Power LED that provide a white and uniform light with high color rendering index, make it suitable for food processing and bottling machines. External version with side plates. Two sizes available. The IDS system (Integrated Driver System) allows direct connection in 24 VDC without additional components. No maintenance is required, thanks to the 60.000 hours average life of the light source.

    • Robust waterproof aluminium structure with tempered glass
    • High degree of protection IP69K
    • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection
    • Available with a side cable or M12 connector
    • Protection against reverse polarity

  • JOB BR

    A working day can put a strain on your eyesight if you do not have efficient lighting. The JOB-BR lamp was created from the need to fit workbenches and workstations with constant, flicker-free lighting with excellent colour rendering, which is perfect for use in industrial environments. The lamp features a robust structure and a movable arm that can be positioned as desired. Resistant, practical and available with a dimmer, this lamp guarantees an energy saving of 50% compared with traditional lighting.

    • Articulated movable arm
    • Flicker-free, anti-glare uniform lighting
    • Light source with 60,000 hours of average life
    • 50% energy saving




    The concept behind this lamp combines flexibility with resistance in a sleek, captivating design. The TOOL BF features a uniform 5000 K light. It is perfect for workstations and machine tools such as lathes, milling and drilling machines where the operator’s eyesight is subject to stress throughout the entire day. The exceptionally flexible arm allows you to position the lamp as desired. Available in 3, 6 or 9 LED power versions with several types of lenses, a dimmer option is available upon request.

    • Flexible arm for maximum flexibility of use
    • Several types of lenses with a narrow, medium or wide beam angle
    • Integrated 24Vdc (I.D.S system) or 110/230V connection
    • Up to 50% energy saving compared with traditional lighting


    The name of HERIO lamp is a tribute to our brightest star. Designed to illuminate large industrial machines like CNC, its powerful beam is generated by combining high-efficiency mini Power LED circuits and a prismatic cone diffuser optimised by numerical algorithms, which enhances its anti-glare effect but still maintains a constant flow of light. Its colour of light, Daylight CRI75, has been specially designed to provide a natural light that does not strain the eyes or distort colours. The I.D.S. system (Integrated Driver System) allows direct connection in 24 Vdc without additional components.

    • Exceptionally powerful luminous flux (2800 lumen/ 4200 lumen/7000 lumen)
    • High degree of protection IP67
    • Available with a side cable or M12 connector
    • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection
    • Protection against reverse polarity

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