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  • Sugino Machine develops, designs, manufactures, and sells high-pressure jet cleaning equipment, ultrahigh-pressure water cutting equipment, equipment for the inspection and maintenance of nuclear power plants, wet/dry atomization equipment, drilling units, tapping units, machining centers, tube expansion tools and equipment, tube pulling equipment, roller burnishing tools, etc.

    Sugino Machine is a private owned company founded in 1936 employing 1300 persons globally. Our German plant and French and Czech offices serve our European customers.

  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Metalworking machines for bars, profiles and tubes >> Machines for sinking and opening out tubes
  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Numerical control milling centres >> 5-axis vertical spindle machining centre
  • Machine tools working by removing metal >> Numerical control milling centres >> 5-axis horizontal spindle machining centre
  • Tools >> Forming tools and others >> Curling and rolling tools
  • Tools >> Machining tools >> Deburring, trimming tools
  • Tools >> Machining tools >> Lapping, burnishing tools
  • Tools >> Tool systems >> Multi-spindle heads
  • Thermal equipment (foundry, furnaces, forge) >> Foundry plant, equipment consumables >> Cleaning equipment (degreasing, washing)
  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces >> Treatment by impact >> Jet of water
  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces >> Electrolytic and chemical processes >> Spray degreasing
  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces >> Treatments by abrasion >> Deburring machines
  • Organic coatings and other treatments >> Application installations and equipment >> Nozzles
  • Pollution prevention and treatment >> Lubricants and coolants >> Cleaning and unoiling machines
  • Pollution prevention and treatment >> Lubricants and coolants >> Pumps
  • Jet Clean Center : CNC Turret Type High-Pressure Deburring and Washing Machines

    The "Jet Clean Center" is an open-air high pressure Deburring and Washing Machines capable of removing residual chips and burrs inside a workpiece by jetting high pressure water at 50 MPa (max.).

    High Accuracy Target Washing
    …0.08 mm positioning accuracy due to CNC control.
    Total Removal of Chips and Burrs
    ...Chips and burrs are removed completely from cross holes, deep holes, and tap holes, by jetting high pressure water at 50 MPa max. from a CNC positioned nozzle.

    Fully Supported Automatic Conveyance : This is the most suitable cell type washing machine for gantry loaders, conveyers, and robot transfer.

    Plenty of Options : Several optional parts are available for different workpieces, including cleaning nozzle attachments, deburring tools, and various tables and filters.

    Easy-to-Install Machining Center-based Washing Machine
    ... With our machining center "Self-center" as the base, it can perform the same operations as the machining center.

    Even operators in charge of machining can operate it easily.

    (CNC: FANUC0i-MD)


    The "Water Jet Cutter" can cut any material in 3D with ultrahigh-pressure water, often mixed with abrasive.

    A pioneer in water jet technology and a leading manufacturer, Sugino machine endeavors to sculpt the future of cutting by achieving further advancement in high-speed & high-precision.


    The Global Standard for Roller Burnishing Tool, Sugino "Superoll", are produced in our high precision factory in Shizuoka, Japan.

    A testimony to our high quality and continuous innovation, top class customers have been using our products for more than 50 years.

    Applied to inner or outer diameter surfaces, spherical surfaces, flat surfaces, etc. our extensive product line provides customers with the most suitable tools for roller burnishing.

  • High Pressure Cleaning, Peeling, Blasting, Cutting nozzles and accessories

    We carry a wide range of water jet tools for efficient and safe cleaning or peeling paint from various structures, heat exchangers, sewer pipes, polymerized tanks and the like.

    We offer optimal cleaning systems to meet your objectives.

  • Machining Centers and Units

    We design and manufacture in Japan a unique range of small and compact vertical and horizontal machining centers, installed in automobile metal working factories all over the world.

    Our "Self-Unit" machining units are full independent CNC units to be integrated in complex machining cells like special rotary cells. They are continuously evolving alongside the needs of our customers and available to any machine builder.

    It's been a half century since the release of our "Selfeeder" drilling unit and "Synchro Tapper" tapping unit that are now global standards.

    These units, which are an accumulation of technology and know-how over many years, are installed at sites worldwide.


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