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  • The Process Factory

    MCM Machining Centers Manufacturing is a leading company in designing and manufacturing high precision machining centers with dynamic performances and flexible automation systems.

    MCM was established in 1978 in the most industrialised Italian district for machine tools manufacturing. The company has grown over the years thanks to the acknowledgement gained on worldwide markets, with a large portfolio of international companies primarily active in the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Energy, Oil & Gas and Defence.

    The corporate size, policies and structure are focused on offering solutions able to fulfil customers’ requirements, making MCM a reliable partner.

    The commitment to be attentive to customers’ demands, the talent for building a partnership and the strong attitude to create and reinforce the know-how, allowed MCM to develop technological, designing and manufacturing skills, which are reflected in a wide range of products.

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  • MCM Machining Centers Manufacturing S.p.A.


    Accuracy, productivity and great versatility are the founding principles of this solution characterised by the high modularity and the extreme compactness that make it capable of facing positively all the needs of the current mechanical machining operations.

    Very compact, with a work-area capable of housing a diameter for “fixture + component” up to 725 mm, this machine can be configured with four or five axes (tilting table), and also “Multitasking” in order to combine in one single machine turning, milling, grinding and gear skiving operations.

  • CLOCK TANK 1200

    Having been on the market for many years, Clock Tank 1200 delivers high precision, speed and reliability. The inclined X-axis slide makes the carriage unit extremely rigid, globally increasing machine performance and cutting volume, making this machine extremely competitive and flexible for any type of machining on cast iron, steel and aluminium.

    Clock Tank 1200 is particularly appreciated in the 4 axis version with circular multi-pallet system (MP10). The 5 axis version can turn into a multitasking machine capable of turning, milling and grinding.

  • i.TANK 1300 / 1600

    i.Tank is the result of several years' development and experience in high speed machining, providing highly efficient solutions for demanding tasks.

    The X-axis guide on two different levels makes the carriage unit extremely rigid, globally increasing machine performance and cutting volume.

    i.Tank is available either as a 4-axis machine, or 5-axis with tilting table, tilting head or vertical continuously rotary table; the latter two can turn into multitasking machines capable of turning, milling and grinding.

  • i.TANK 2600

    Built on the experience of i.Tank 1300, the new i.Tank line is even more flexible with its wide range of strokes, pallets and electrospindles.

    i.Tank 2600 can be equipped with horizontal or tilting head with crown screw or torque motor double drive. The 5-axis version can turn into a multitasking machine capable of turning, milling and grinding.


    Jet Five machining center expresses its best in manufacturing large pieces made of aluminum, titanium and special steel with great content of nickel, such as inconel.

    The machine structure, with horizontal gantry, is made of electro-welded steel and the upright is anchored to it at both the end and the center (“continuous beam”). This combination ensures maximum rigidity, speed and precision, and exceptional saving can be made on the most demanding tasks in terms of cutting volume.

    Thanks to the wide range of strokes, pallets, tilting tables and heads (torque motor and crown screws) and axes (standard or linear motors), JET FIVE is extremely competitive and flexible in aerospace, energy and general precision mechanics fields.

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  • A global solution with one partner

    MCM is specialised in designing and manufacturing integrated production systems, with the cornerstone of its solutions based on top-of-the-line machining centers.

    Its complete and structured product line enables the customer to develop complex projects with one single experienced and reliable partner.

    The MCM range of 4-axis and 5-axis horizontal machining centers is designed to ensure the best possible performance without compromise: high rigidity, precision, outstanding dynamic performance, reliability.

    All the basic components that guarantee these performances are manufactured according to MCM design and technologies.

    The whole range of machining centers is designed to be combined with multitasking solutions ensuring milling, turning, grinding and gear skiving operations.

    MCM manufactures, with a specific design, a complete range of automation elements for FMC and FMS and for the handling of work-pieces, pallets and tools.

    With the software and architectures development department of MCM, all of the manufacturing systems are managed by jFMX, the supervising software, developed in 30 years, providing an excellent efficiency of the production scheduling, an advanced monitoring of production resources, an integrated management of process and quality control. The JFMX Level 2 services, continuously implemented according to the real needs, offer a strategic feature to the control of manufacturing systems, achieving the centralised coordination of the entire shop floor.

    Specialised teams of engineers and experts are highly talented to design solutions adaptable to any possible requirement.

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