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  • For the finest in pipe & tube cutting, beveling and orbital welding products.


    Orbitalum Tools based in Singen, Germany and E.H. Wachs based in Lincolnshire, ­Illinois, USA are operating jointly as ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding, a division of the US industrial group ITW.


    Orbitalum Tools is a global leader in providing complete solutions for the industrial prefabrication, installation and maintenance of pipeline systems – for everything from cutting pipes and preparing weld seams to orbital welding for process and plant engineering.


    With its high-quality, nearly indestructible, portable and user-friendly pipe processing machines for cutting and beveling, E.H. Wachs has established itself in many industries. For example, in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry and in pipeline and ship construction – in the preproduction, maintenance, repair and dismantling of installations.


    ITW (Illinois Tool Works, www.itw.com) is a US Fortune 200 global industrial manufacturer of consumables, specialty equipment and related service businesses headquartered in Glenview, Illinois. ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding is part of the ITW Welding Group, which is world market leader in welding products (e.g. MILLER ELECTRIC, HOBART BROTHERS).


    When you partner with us you’re not only partnering with the industry leader in portable weld preparation machine tools and orbital welding systems, you’re partnering with ITW, the industry leader in advanced welding technologies.

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  • E.H. WACHS, www.ehwachs.com

    E.H. Wachs manufactures the finest line of weld prep machine tools, including the LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames, SDSF Small Diameter Split Frames and HDSF Heavy Duty Split Frames, the Guillotine® Pipe Saws and our famous Trav-L-Cutter®. ID mounted machines include the SDB Small Diameter Beveler and EP 424 End Prep machines for beveling and counterboring, and the FF Flange Facer series for flange facing. In addition, we offer a full line of boiler maintenance and high purity specific machine tools.

    Orbitalum Tools, www.orbitalum.com

    Orbitalum Tools is a global leader in providing complete solutions for the industrial prefabrication, installation and maintenance of pipeline systems – for everything from cutting pipes and preparing weld seams to orbital welding for process and plant engineering.

    ITW - Illinois Tool Works, www.itw.com)

    Since our founding more than 100 years ago, ITW has become one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses.

    ITW businesses serve local customers and markets around the globe, with a significant presence in developed as well as emerging markets. The company has operations in 57 countries that employ approximately 49,000 women and men who adhere to the highest ethical standards. These talented individuals, many of whom have specialized engineering or scientific expertise, contribute to our global leadership in innovation. We are proud of our broad portfolio of more than 16,000 granted and pending patents.

  • DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame


    E.H. Wachs all new DynaPrep® MDSF split frame redefines the category of cold cutting machine tools for pipe and vessels. Engineered to be powerful, strong and lightweight, DynaPrep offers unmatched form tooling capability on heavy wall pipe including high alloy material. Designed for cutting, beveling, facing, counterboring and flange facing, it will be offered initially in six standard models for popular nominal pipe sizes ranging from 6in to 24in O.D. (DN150-600), with each machine covering a generous 6in range. Sold as complete kits or individual components the DynaPrep MDSF is available in your choice of pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive.

    We’re pleased to introduce the all new DynaPrep™ MDSF Split Frame series. As the innovators and market leader in split frame technology, at E.H. Wachs we continually evolve our products to meet the needs of our clients. Needs such as split frames that were easier to set up, easier to operate, and more powerful to handle heavy wall form tooling. We’ve also incorporated what makes our LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames great: their low clearance design that fits into tight spaces, lightweight construction, and the wide range of versatile accessories.

    Engineered to surpass anything available today, these machines are built to be the best. Our core design principal during development was power combined with durability. In ancient Greece Dyna translated to power - at E.H. Wachs DynaPrep translates to maximum power in cold cutting weld prep machine tools.

    Like every E.H. Wachs split frame, the DynaPrep MDSF is the basis of a complete machining system that will be used worldwide for simple cutting and beveling tasks to complex tasks, including trepanning, casing cutting, deep counterboring, large diameter flange facing, and SGR replacement projects; all completed with a precision measurable in thousandths of an inch. Order your machine as a complete kit or ala carte depending on your needs.


  • TRAV-L-CUTTER Pipe Cutter


    The Wachs Trav-L-Cutter is a portable milling machine capable of cold cutting and beveling simultaneously on all machinable pipe materials, pipe schedules and pipe sizes from OD 6in - 72in (152.4 - 1829 mm). Mounted by its own tensioning chain, the Trav-L-Cutter drives itself around the pipe as it machines.

    For larger diameter pipe or vessels, simply add more drive chain sections. For greater accuracy specify the Trav-L-Cutter Guide Track. Available in pneumatic and hydraulic drive options.



    • Safe cold cutting
    • Simultaneously cutting and beveling
    • Compact design, easy set-up
    • Horizontal and vertical cutting
    • Wide dimension range


    Wachs high-performance cutters remove 3/16in (4.8 mm) of metal while cutting, leaving the pipe end with a smooth, machined finish. The chain feed system maintains continuous out-of-round compensation while providing constant drive under all conditions for accurate cuts. By using an optional guide track and special guide track wheels, higher accuracy can be maintained. This cutting method facilitates section removal in the field where new sections, precut by the same method, can be easily dropped into place.


    In pneumatic or hydraulic driven models, the Trav-L-Cutter will operate on horizontal or vertical pipe, in the field or the shop.


    Materials such as carbon steel, ductile iron, cast iron and most alloys in all pipe sizes from 6in to 72in (152.4 - 1829 mm) can be cold cut and beveled simultaneously.


    Hydraulic models offer the inherent advantages of a completely sealed and self-lubricating closed loop system. The Model HE is particularly suited to field machining operations under the type of hostile conditions often found on offshore drilling rigs, pipelines and other construction work. Corrosion from constant exposure to salt water can be minimized with a stainless steel accessory package including special bearings, seals and anti-corrosive metal coatings.


  • EP 424 Pipe End Prep Machines

    MACHINES FROM 4in - 24in (DN 100 - 600) OD



    The Wachs EP 424 with the patented new SpeedPrep feed system is a precision ID mount end prep machine tool designed to bevel, compound bevel, J prep, face and counterbore pipe, fittings and valves. Able to machine any bevel or compound bevel without templates, incline tool slides or work stoppage. The EP 424 is powerful enough to form tool from 4in - 14in (DN 100 - 350) and single point from 8in - 24in (DN 200 - 600) up to a 6.5in (165 mm) wall thickness.

    • Machines perfect preps from OD 4in - 24in (DN 100 - 600)
    • Safe cold cutting process, eliminates heat affected zone
    • Lathe machining process delivers precise compound bevels and consistent lands
    • SpeedPrep design feeds automatically in the radial and axial planes
    • Hydraulic, Electric or Pneumatic drive options
    • EP 424 eliminates the need for accessory templates or external tool slides
    • Features fast setup and prep times with quick deploy mandrel legs
    • Hardened steel components, large cross section, larger gear sets
    • Lightweight yet rigid aluminum housing and mainshaft to enhance portability
    • Low friction bearing system provides maximum stability and eliminates chatter


    • Form tool from pipe OD 4in - 14in (DN 100 - 350)
    • Single point machining from OD 4in - 24in (DN 100 - 600)
    • Hardened alloy steel components, larger gear sets for high work loads
    • Full roller bearing construction for durability and stability
    • Fully enclosed bearings and drive gears for safety and durability
    • Corrosion resistant finishes on all components to withstand harsh environments
    • Mounts to ID of pipe with easy to use self centering mandrel system
    • Fully modular construction for one man set-up and operation
    • All new heavy duty design with patent pending SpeedPrep feed system


    The EP 424 is an all new design featuring Wachs patent pending SpeedPrep feed system.

    Prior to the EP 424, most end prep machines required a mechanical template or incline

    tool slide to reproduce the specific and complex preps called for by today's processes.


    With Wachs SpeedPrep system, it's now possible to dial in the exact prep needed

    for your application. Select the bevel angle and the land that works best for your

    application, without work stoppages or additional components. More versatile and

    powerful to use than any other machine of its kind, the Wachs EP 424 sets the standard

    in user friendly large diameter end prep machines.


  • SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame



    E.H. Wachs® SDSF Small Diameter Split Frames are the smallest, most compact member of the Wachs split frame family, and are designed for cutting, beveling and counterboring pipe and tubing from OD 0.5in - 6in (DN 15 - 150). Like all E.H. Wachs split frame clamshell style machines the SDSF is designed to “split” in half to fit over inline pipe, or can be slipped

    closed over open ended pipe. Six models are available in 1in (25.4 mm) increments, with additional sizes available by special order. The SDSF serves as the basis of Wachs axial and radial socket weld removal kits that remove the weld without sacrificing the base material, an important consideration in complex assemblies.



    • SDSF quickly splits open to mount around the OD of inline pipe
    • Machines carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys, e.g. Hastelloy™, Inconel™ and other high-performance materials
    • Cuts and bevels up to 0.438in (11.1 mm) wall thickness
    • Low clearance design requires minimal space for setup and operation
    • Self-squaring pipe clamping system, using either collets or integrated, close tolerance legs with wide feet stability
    • Low friction adjustable bearing system provides maximum stability and extended machine life
    • Fully enclosed bearing and drive gear system for operational safety
    • Infinite motor positioning
    • Modular tool slides
    • Lever type trip actuation for safety
    • Spring loaded axial trip for crash resistance
    • Improved radial trip geometry for crash resistance and durability
    • Improved bearing adjustment design
    • Improved durability in pinion gear bearing arrangement
    • Easier assembly and disassembly of frame halves
    • Improved sealing for chip exclusion
    • Captive fasteners used for all accessories
    • Reduced fastener count for simplified inventory. Only 3 hex wrench sizes required to operate machine
    • All pipes 1in - 6in (DN 15 - 150) can mount, depending on sizes, using collets or clamp feet



    The SDSF is ideal anywhere pipe and tube are arrayed in tight places and finds many uses in power generation, oil and gas and the shipbuilding industries. The SDSF operates on air or electric power using standard Wachs motors and adapters and is part of a complete system that includes a broad range of tool slides and accessories for maximum versatility. As with all E.H. Wachs products, the Small Diameter Split Frame is built with Wachs legendary quality and durability for years of reliable service.

    The SDSF, like all Wachs split frames, is designed to simultaneously cut and bevel pipe and tube with Wachs parting and beveling tool slides. It's also the basis of Wachs specialized Socket Weld Removal kits, in both axial and radial configurations. The FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) chipless cutting module makes the SDSF the perfect split frame for the high purity market. So while the SDSF is Wachs smallest split frame, it's big in capabilities.



    SDSF split frames are the building block of Wachs socket weld removal machines. They're designed to remove couplers and elbows from existing piping systems by machining away the weld material that joins them. This is done without sacrificing the base material – a vital consideration in the repair or modification of complex process systems. These machines are all new designs incorporating all that we’ve learned from years of socket weld removal experience. They’re the easiest to use and most productive socket weld removal machines offered anywhere.





    E.H. Wachs family of portable Guillotine® pipe saws are designed to cold cut 2in - 32in (DN 50 - 800) pipe, as well as solids such as bar stock, rails and beams. Their compact design and easy setup make it the ideal saw for contractors, pipeline operations, refineries, petrochemical and processing plants and anywhere a fast, safe cut is needed. In use virtually everywhere, they're strong yet light, simple to mount, simple to operate and simply bulletproof. It’s no wonder that when pipe saws are first mentioned, the “Wachs Saw” is mentioned first.



    • Rugged yet compact design requires minimal clearances
    • Four models cut from 2in - 32in (DN 50 - 800)
    • Fast setup and cutting, both horizontally or vertically
    • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drive options
    • Optional autofeed and autoclamping on select models




    Installation time is approximately 5 minutes! A chain pipe vise clamps the Guillotine Saw to the pipe. The machined cast iron "V"-saddle base assures square cuts at right angles.

    It can be mounted on horizontal as well as vertical piping, in any position.




    The Guillotine Saws require minimal clearance (the model Super C needs as little as 1.5in (38.1 mm) on one side of the pipe). All models feature finger tip feed control. The pipe is cold cut in a matter of minutes. A 6in (152.4 mm) standard wall steel pipe is cut in only 6 minutes. A 16in (406.4 mm) diameter 0.5in (12.7 mm) wall steel pipe is cut in about 20 minutes.



    The Guillotine Saws combine compact size and light weight with simple, rugged construction for ease of operation and low maintenance.



    The high-speed steel blades are easily changed. The unique Guillotine cutting action lifts the blade from the cut on the return stroke, extending blade life.


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