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What is a Fab Lab ?



FAB LAB is a place for collaborative innovation (Open Innovation), a neutral space that aims to bring more freedom and foster creativity, free of any organization, hierarchy, and processes.

This is a new form of manufacturing that concerns both startups exploring new markets and SMEs, mid-caps, and large companies who are looking to pursue further avenues for development.

With the support of Usine IO

Access to an entity like Usine IO, a product innovation platform at the heart of Paris, is typically based on a subscription plan that provides services to support creation and the use of equipment for design, rapid prototyping, and prototype manufacturing. FAB LAB can sometimes support startups and small businesses through to the manufacturing phase (methods, strategy, financing ...).

Some large companies create their own FAB LAB to release the creative energy of their development teams.

INDUSTRIE creates its Fab Lab

To present this new concept to all exhibitors and visitors, INDUSTRIE Paris decided to create its own temporary FAB LAB. The organizers are working with USINE IO in Paris, considered one of the most efficient in its approach to manufacturing.

Over 5 days, startups and SMEs will continue developing their flagship products, using equipment provided by the exhibitors at INDUSTRIE Paris.

Teams from USINE IO will present its modus operandi and membership.

You will have the opportunity to find out how to organize a FAB LAB, if you have not yet used this new approach to innovation. You will also get to network with companies like yours that are actively working there.

This first in a manufacturing exhibition is an additional reason to visit INDUSTRIE Paris.


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USINE IO :     hello@usine.io - www.usine.io