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Surface Treatments are a major sector at INDUSTRIE, as all the parts and subassemblies manufactured for equipment being presented at the exhibition require special care:

  1. to clean them (degreasing, washing ...),
  2. to protect them (wear, corrosion ...),
  3. to decorate them (painting).

It is therefore an essential part of the manufacturing chain.

This profession faces numerous regulatory and environmental constraints due to its use of multiple chemicals. It suffers from a poor image.

The “PEINTURE en LIVE” paint chain

INDUSTRIE Paris is putting surface treatments at the heart of the exhibition, and with the backing of the national union UITS and volunteer manufacturers, it is setting up an operational paint chain, which will paint objects that will then be distributed to visitors.

This technical feat is made possible through the cooperation of 17 companies that are pooling their equipment and know-how under the guidance of the engineering firm that designed the chain.

The event includes all stages of a paint job, from the just-cut piece of equipment created at the booth of an exhibitor to the final painted object. The demonstration combines powder paint – with both automatic and manual color changes – and liquid paint.

The “PEINTURE en LIVE” paint chain will run throughout the five days of the exhibition, and will be staffed by technicians from the participating companies who can provide insight on the innovations presented and answer any technical questions.

This is the opportunity for all visitors, SMEs, mid-caps, and large companies to see that both powder paint and water-soluble paint can produce quality work while respecting the environment and regulatory constraints.

INDUSTRIE Paris is a great opportunity to discover the equipment and plan future investments.

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