Trophées de l’Innovation


a core and essential value of INDUSTRIE

Ergonomics, environment, productivity, technology ... four constantly evolving areas that shape the heart of the manufacturing sector. For the 14th consecutive year, INDUSTRIE will reward the most innovative exhibitors in these categories with its prestigious award.

The 4 winners will be determined in several stages by the jury of experts consisting of manufacturers, institutions, and journalists. They will select several nominees in each category prior to the start of the exhibition. The winners will be revealed during INDUSTRIE’s Trophées de l’Innovation gala event.

The Trophées de l’Innovation focus on innovations that improve performance, productivity, and energy savings.


  • Eco-efficiency

    Recognizes the efforts by a company to offer goods and services that gradually reduce environmental impacts and the amount of natural resources needed in the life cycle of products, taking into account the well-being of users (eco-design, energy saving, ergonomics, human/machine interface ...).

  • Digital Tools

    Showcases a company that offers its customers digital solutions to optimize industrial production: hand tools, software, cloud, connected objects, big data, information flow ... or any other solutions in common with the “Industry of the Future” program.

  • Industrial Performance

    Highlights solutions implemented by a company that offers its customers the best results to help them in terms of maintaining competitiveness (costs), adapting to market demands (responsiveness and timeframes), ensuring customer satisfaction (quality), and establishing sustainable profitability (productivity). 

  • New Technologies

    Promotes a company that uses one or more new technologies (drawn from R&D, digital solutions, other manufacturing sectors...) to create, develop, or improve a product, solution, or service for manufacturing production.



During the 5-day event, clips presenting the nominated innovations will be broadcast on screens at the Espace Innovation (Innovation Space).


See the winners's innovation / Search for all 2016 Innovations here or download the 2016 Innovation Guild


Take a look back at 2015 :

2015 was a record-breaking year! With 148 innovations presented, the Trophées de l’Innovation offered a snapshot of the dynamism that flows through the entire sector.

Discover the 4 winners 2015 and the special mention entry in the following categories :

  • Environnement

    Recognizes the company's efforts in the field of eco-design, zero waste, or energy savings. SOGAL SN - Procédés de traitements argenture sans cyanure

  • Ergonomie

    Highlights a product or a solution whose formula or function were improved in order to enhance operator safety and prevent accidents and downtime. MECANOLAV -S ystème de chargement / déchargement via table rotative indexée sur concept MecanoFAST

  • Productivité

    Distinguishes solutions that offer the best results in terms of machine, product, or service productivity. EMUGE-FRANKEN - Taraud Punch Tap

  • Technologie

    Rewards a product, solution, or service that leverages a new technology or a technology usually used in another way. FARO - Bras de mesure avec scanner Laser Edge Scanarm HD

Trophées de l'innovation
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The selection of the 4 winners will follow various stages during the meetings of an expert panel including professionals of the industry, officials and journalists. After their deliberation, the jury will name a few nominees per category, and the winners will be announced at INDUSTRIE, during the Trophées de l’Innovation Gala night.

During the 4 days of the event, videos introducing the nominated innovations will be displayed on the screens of the « L’Espace Innovation ».


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