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We dove into the heart of French manufacturing to find innovative companies. There is so much to learn from the French manufacturing sector, with its multinationals that grew out of family businesses, its SMEs-SMIs, its mid-cap businesses, and its large groups.

Industrie Infos sheds a light on businesses operating in a sometimes complex context.

A look back on the Factory visits that contributed to the success of the past editions :

Faiveley Transport

There seems to be no slowing down Faiveley Transport, a manufacturer of sintered metal brake pads for the aerospace sector, trains, racecars, and motorcycles.

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Avec ses 3 filiales Baikowski, CGL Pack et Texen, PSB Industries se démarque sur les marchés Luxe/Beauté, Agroalimentaire, Médical/Hygiène et Eclairage/Industries de pointes.


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